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We have finally launched!

We are so excited to finally be releasing our book, “He’s Not Dead Yet”  Do you know that Ryan learned 3-D animation so that he would be able to illustrate the book himself?  He started sketching back in September, practicing art as much as possible to see if he thought he would be able to illustrate the book.  He has spent the last month working exclusively on the illustrations you will see in “He’s Not Dead Yet.”   We have timed the release of the book to coincide with the release of our episode of “My Last Days” a you tube series.

We are so proud of this episode and incredibly grateful to the amazing team of people who produced it.  It was a wonderful experience. If you haven’t seen it yet, you can watch it here. (link) We will update this blog as we have news about the book.  We will post links to any publicity the book gets, as well as announce when the printed version is available for purchase.